Coconut Oil: For Skin that’s worth spoiling the good ol’ fashion natural way…

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At SMOOSH we pride ourselves in all things organic. We’re not here to fake it til we make it, and neither are our all-natural, products. One of our tride-and-true go-to organics is the ever-trending – for good reason – coconut oil! But listen, if we’re going to be as real as our body butters, take our word for it that this isn’t some fad. Coconut oil is the new black and it’s here to stay. Here’s why:

The Coconut: Why all-of a sudden am I putting it on my face and not in my mouth?

The concept at first might seem even more exotic than the fruit itself. But trust – although mainstream metropolitan cities are just catching on to the benefits of this miracle nut, using coconut oil as a hair and skin moisturizer has been practiced for centuries in Asia.

Well who’s Great Idea was it to make artificial body products vs. Organic in the first place?!

We don’t know, and frankly, we don’t need to waste anymore time or artificial energy on the subject. Let’s focus on the real and now. It’s simple. The chemistry between coconut oil and your bodacious bod is more complimentary than the big-bang feeling you get with love at first sight. Let’s break it down:

The Chemistry // Coconut Oil Benefits

Saturated Fats: These medium chain fatty acids, or triglycerides for fancy, help retain the moisture content of your skin, leaving your outer layer as smooth as the day is long. Natives of tropical climates even substitute coconut oil as a natural sunscreen!

Capric / Caprylic / Lauric Acid: In addition to the saturated fats, these three fatty acids have high disinfectant and antimicrobial properties which can prevent against infection if you have an open wound. Booboos be gone thanks to this miracle salve! Thanks coconut oil, you heal and feel me.

Vitamin-E: From skin wear-and-tear repair to premature aging prevention, vitamin-e is just one more spoonful of sugar to add to coconut oil’s medicinal splendors. Apply and age-defy.

Who could ask for anything more?!

No one that’s who! Except to use it like it’s going out of style! And again, it really isn’t. At SMOOSH, we take full advantage of using coconut oil to enhance our products, so you can take full advantage of living in your skin the way it was meant to be lived in: naturally. Dropping the mic, picking up the coconuts.

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