Are you #SMOOSHin ?

To our loyal SMOOSHers, we know you all may have notice that some of your favorite items have been out of stock for a while now. Don't worry! We are currently updating a few things on our end and will be very excited to announce what's new in due time. Please bare with us through this transition. We appreciate the support and just want to say thank you!

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SMOOSH Bath + Body was born in the heart of Brooklyn on chilly winter’s eve, to a natural beauty enthusiast longing for skin care to shine and to share. All products are handmade using pure ingredients. Recipes are simple, clean and leave your skin feeling like it just returned from an exotic vacay with every lather rinse repeat. With a focus on both feeling and flavor, our moisture-rich soaps and butters cater to all skin types looking for that extra koosh - irresistibly tempting to smoosh up next to.